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“A change of environment is pretty refreshing”- Owen Farrell

The beach is the perfect setting for leisure and enjoyment, especially in the clear skies. It’s a great place to play sports, strengthen individual health and bond with other members. The Rotaract Club of TCET organised one of its most awaited events, ‘Sunday Funday’. This activity was conducted on 28th August at Nariman point, near the Oberoi. The activity was called to order by the President, Rtr. Muskan Sinha and the OC team ensured that all the members participated in the games and had fun.

The members present there played Tug of War, Dog and the Bone, Red light Green light, Donkey in the middle, Chain Sakli and Kho-Kho. The members went to play the game they wanted. Each game was monitored by one of the OC members. Everyone felt very refreshed and energetic after the event, as all of the games provided a good workout, and after the hectic schedule of the week, everyone received the weekend enjoyment that they desired. Surprisingly, locals also showed enthusiasm and performed their skills which makes the event a fantastic opportunity for members to improve new skills.

All the games were played in a very friendly manner. The feedback received after the event was positive. People enjoyed themselves and made new connections. The entire event was filled with excitement, with members participating in various games, live singing and a garba session at the end. The aim of the event was a grand success!

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