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Movie night

Every student needs a time out from their hectic and monotonous schedule that has to be followed everyday, repeatedly. So this event of movie night, with the voice of Isha echoing Isha all over was indeed a stress-buster for students of TCET.

The multi starrer movie “Brahmastra '' was screened on the large screen of the theatre of Miraj Cinemas. The participants had to fill a Google form for registration. They were added to a Whatsapp group to share the further details with the participants.The coupons were distributed a day prior to the event to avoid any inconvenience.

The event was very unique since this was the very first time that RCTCET had conducted an offline movie night. The interesting part was that even the non-rotaractors could participate to relax and get along with their friends. Watching a movie is incomplete without munching on some popcorn and washing it down with a fizzy drink. So keeping that in mind, the participants were also provided with a coupon for popcorn and coke along with the ticket.

We received greatly positive feedback from the enthusiastic members. Everyone was recharged and felt revived after this fun and exciting night.

The movie night was a grand success with an overwhelming participation of over 200 students.

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