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"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something-BLOOD DONATION"

Blood donation is a major service to society, as donated blood is lifesaving for individuals who need it. Blood is scarce. There is a shortage of active blood donors to meet the need for increased blood demand. Blood donation as a therapeutic exercise.

Good knowledge about blood donation practices is not transforming in donating blood. Interactive awareness on blood donation should be organized to create awareness and opportunities for blood donation. Blood donation could be therefore recommended that voluntary blood donations as often as possible may be therapeutically beneficial to the donors in terms of thrombotic complications and efficient blood flow mechanisms. This is also a plus for blood donation campaigns.

Blood Donation camp was an initiative by Parent Rotary Club that is Rotary Club of Mumbai Borivali East along with Rotaract club of Mumbai Marvels RCTCET coordinated with the Parent Rotary club and arranged one blood donation drive..The arrangements of Blood bank were done by coordinating with the Community Service team. Location and Date for the drive were finalized as Shri Gurunanak Darbar, Borivali on 29th August 2021. On the day of activity the RCTCET team helped the blood bank arrange for the setup, logistics, and Snacks. There were 56 bottles of blood collected from the donors There were total of bottles of blood collected through the drive. Many misconceptions related to blood donation were cleared by the volunteer of RCTCET while the PR of the activity. An overwhelming response of 27 Volunteers was received for this camp. These volunteers were the members of RCTCET club and also some come residents of the area participated in the Blood donation Camp . The donors were also given some refreshments after the donation to avoid weakness and other symptoms which are very common after donation. Feelings of thankfulness for our Doctors were also inculcated in the hearts of the donors in the current Covid time. The feedback recieved by members and donors is positive.

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